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I've had my ears checked & the dr. said they were fine. The ringing in them, mostly the left one, is quite loud all the time, my ears twinge, itch & ache too. I am *terrified* of getting a hearing loss. I'm always asking loved ones to turn the TV down, but surely I'd be asking for it to be turned up if I had a loss? I've had various comments along the lines of, "Why do you want/need a hearing test, your hearing is *fine* ...... you're *obsessed*........" Sigh.

I've been going to concerts for a couple of years. I love rock & blues music. I've been in contact with people who've been going to concerts for *years* & they've said their hearing is fine.
I've got cerebral palsy & listening to music is one of the few ways I can occupy myself unaided. I never have it on too loudly [I can't bear loud noises *anyway, I jump all over the place] /too long. I have it on so quiet you can hardly hear it!
I won't have to give up listening to music, will I? I'll go mad thinking about my disability then.
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