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Hi. I'm posting seeking advice on behalf of my son who has recently started having tinnitus. He is thirteen years old and we've had him seen by his pediatrician, an ENT, and an audiologist. No one can find a cause other than the obvious "shit happens". Next stop is a neurologist. He's had the tinnitus for about seven months now and everything I've read seems to indicate that this is probably something he's just going to have to live with.

The tinnitus bothers him most at night, so we've set up a CD player by his bed so he can play music to try and drown out the ringing in his ears. He has one of those 'soundscape' CDs with the sound of surf accompanying sort of new-agey-type music. Sometimes he just listens to his regular music CDs.

Does anyone have any other methods for dealing with tinnitus? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you.
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