UU Mom (uu_mom) wrote in tinnitustalk,
UU Mom

Hi all! Newbie here. Top 6% - owww!

My tinnitus started on Oct. 4, 2007. I will never forget the day (well, you have to understand this is an expression as I've learned that I have the rare condition "early onset frontal atrophy" so maybe I will forget). Any way, it started with what felt like a severe ear infection. To make a long story short, even though I was finally diagnosed with "TMJ", I have few of the normal symptoms (no grinding or clenching) and my night guard has been determined to possibly be too severe since it starts causing a problem with my other ear, so I'm not using it.

I was prescribed Ativan to help reduce the volume. It sometimes helps, but not consistently enough. It's too loud for white noise - my husband uses white noise, but mine is like 10 times as loud as his.

So basically, I listen to music or other distracting sounds and I try to keep my mind off of it (actually joining this community is bad for that).

Any other suggestions?
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