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Newbie here

Hallo everybody!

I got my tinnitus  a month and half ago. Just after i left my job. One morning two weeks later I awake and heard a constant tone of high frequency like a table computer working.

I thought I went crazy  - this tone was inside my head. Two days I spent im my flat not coming outside. My friend's call made me visit an otologist (ENT) - he checked my ears and made a tonal audiometry - I have a slight hearing loss at 8 Khz frequency - others frequencies are normal. He said - there is a nerological problem and sent me to a neurologyst.  The neurologyst made me a transcranial brain vessels  dopplerography (brain blood flow measuring - my translation from Russian) and said that the left back brain artery blood flow is substantially low. She said also the problem may be in osteсhondrosis  in my neck due  to the sitting way of my job and lack of sport activity.

She also prescribed me Ipidacrine,  Nicergoline (the international latine names - they are called fifferently in Russia) and Milgamma  Compositum.  I had also to wear a special neck corset for two hours every day. After three weeks she said I had to switch all medicine to Vasobral.

After this four weks my noises have changed - the high pitched tone is almost gone but the new one has happened - like hissing.  This hissing is sometimes going down after a shower - so that I am taking shower two or three times a day. It is defenitely better that it was before. 

I am 37 y old male living im Moscow (Russia).  I will be glad to paricipate in your tinnitus discussion and to compare the cure methods.  
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