Cherry~ (zaftgirl) wrote in tinnitustalk,

I'm someone new.

My name's Cherry, currently 21 years old woman diagnosed with SEVERE depression O_O''''

I know this would be coming.

I just never imagined it would be this insane!

I've been recently diagnosed with Tinnitus - and I've grown VERY sensitive to simple noises like even the TV being on o_O'''''''''''''' And since there's no cure for this crap (or one that I can even afford), I'm just told to endure it.

Easier said then done.

My fiance recently lost total hearing of the right ear and I applaud my honey for being able to cope with it.

But I'm not my honey. I'm me. I'm depressed and suicidal.

I hear humming and all this constantly. I've not been using my headphones for like weeks. I dream of being a voice actress and also an actress. I dream of working with Tri Ace and Square Enix. While I can READ my lines out without having to hear them, I don't think they'll hire me if they find out that I'm totally deaf.

........This is it life is fucked.

-_-......*head/desks* I also heard that even if I lose my hearing completely, THE RINGING might still stay.

Great Odin's Raven I would rather DIE then face this O________O''''''''''
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