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hopefully I'm not too late in finding this community

Hello all, 21 year-old female from Canada here, and I strongly suspect I may have tinnitus. Though, this may be too soon of a self-diagnosis as I've only been experiencing it solidly for about four days now (but oh, what a four days it has been).

I think it might have been sound-induced since I recently attended a concert on the 17th of this month and thought the ringing would go away within a day or two, as is common with events like this (silly me, I didn't even think of wearing ear-plugs). Because of this, I thought nothing of it and thus paid no attention to it. However, here I am a week later and the high-pitched ringing still remains in my left ear, louder than ever. I visited my doctor yesterday and he basically told me that nothing can be done to help, that I should endure for a few more days before seeking more medical attention to see if it quiets down on its own.

Unfortunately, I've also been experiencing knee and eye complications for the first time recently, and now this on top of everything has been causing me great anxiety and/or depression (I think it might be a bit of both, it's hard to tell at this point), to the point where I can barely eat or sleep. :( I have never experienced anxiety problems before now, and meditation videos/recordings have had no effect so far.

For the past few days I've been constantly listening to various noise and sound recordings I've found online, this being one of my favourites, though far too short. It seems to help quite a bit but as soon as I stop, the ringing is, predictably, back again. I've noticed mornings are when it is the loudest and most crippling, and this is when I can't really do anything else other than lie down.

I guess I'd just like to hear about what coping/treatment methods (if there are any) are working for people, as well as general advice for someone potentially new to this condition. Thank you so much in advance for any replies.
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