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Introducing TinnitusTalk.com and a few words about my own experience with the T

Stumbled upon LJ's Tinnitus Talk via google, and thought what the heck, we seem to have the same title and the topic is the same, so why not introduce the new Tinnitus Talk community while telling a little bit about my own T history.

13+ months ago I was a happy 24-year-old, who really didn't know what life had planned for.

About that time I had a problem with my ears, excessive wax. My ears have always produced quite a lot of wax, but for some reason they upped the production a year ago.

Fast forward a few weeks and I had to go a doctor, asking for my ears to be cleaned (I knew Q-tips aren't good!) and he promptly sent me to the nurse who performed the syringing.

Ears cleared! I can hear again.

Wait, what. I can not only hear the ambient sounds, but I also hear some kind of a ringing and clicking sound. That's not right, no, I've never heard this and this doesn't seem to be coming from any external source.

I got worried at that exact moment. I knew the term tinnitus, we had had lectures in school about tinnitus and how everyone should protect their hearing. I was informed.

I hoped the noises would go away within a short while, but they didn't. Same time I started googling tinnitus related blogs, articles, etc, and started getting really worried. "This has been going on for a month now, this can't be temporary tinnitus anymore...."

I found solace in the fact that tinnitus seemed to be classified as chronic only after 6-12 months, depending a bit on source.

I wait, kept waiting... kept waiting.

No, this ain't going away. Everyday the same noise. All the time. No pauses.

Today, I'm not anymore _that_ anxious about the T, all the time. Sometimes yes, but mostly I've learned to accept this condition and can learn semi-normal life with my ambient noise setups etc (like sound generators, pillow speakers).

I then kept on trying to find good communities for T sufferers, but there were only few, and most of them were pretty dead. One or two were more active, but their layouts and forum software were from the last decade - not good, since I have an eye for beautiful things... :)

If I'm going to live with the T for the rest of my life, or until a working cure is found, why not take everything from it and set up a new and working community for fellow T people. That's what I basically did.

Let me present you my baby, Tinnitus Talk, http://www.tinnitustalk.com

What I hope is that you ElJayers from this LJ's Tinnitus Talk journal come over to tinnitustalk.com and be part of that community.

You, maybe even I, have lots to give (and, hopefully, get) to a central community for those with T.

Here's hoping for a better spring,
Markku from http://www.tinnitustalk.com
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